A Story About Trust! Nick Clark Health (NCH)

A Story About Trust!  Nick Clark Health (NCH)

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One of the things that I really enjoy doing is going out on my scooter and exploring different parts of Sacramento.

I find that no matter what my intentions are for getting out and about, I always end up with great stories.

I meet the most interesting people and experience things that I would never experience if I had stayed home on my computer.

This week was highly eventful, but I will share one story that not only made me laugh, but also taught me a good lesson.

On the curb next to a barbers shop sat this Korean lady who had one of the biggest smiles on her face.  I approached her and asked How is the haircutting business?  She told me that the business was not so good, but that she was optimistic.

So, I did what instinctively felt like the right thing to do, I asked her if she would cut my hair for me.

As soon as I knew it, I was in the barbers chair with my back to the mirror.  I could hardly understand what she was saying as I heard her clip the guard on her clippers and start them right up.  She was ready to go faster than I could tell her what I wanted done.

I became cautious and nervous. This lady is about to cut my hair, she never really asked what I wanted.and to further expand the feeling of my uncomfortableness, I started reading the sign on the storefront window, which read Specializing in Clipper only hair cuts.  Here I am about to get a flat top like Mr. T.  Great, I thought!

I quit trying to create conversation with her in fear of distracting her and my mind was turning quickly.

Finally, I decided that whatever was meant to happen was going to happen and I let her do her thing, which she did.  One of the fastest hair cuts I have ever gotten, completely done with clippers, and also one of the best looks that I have ever had. She did great and it reminded me, no matter what, to always trust people.

I may have never had a clipper only cut, but she had cut thousands of peoples hair with only clippers, so why worry. Plus, if she messed it up, then what would it really matter.  I mean my toenails are painted pink for crying out loud.

If you always do what you did, then you will always get what you have.  If I hadnt left the house and gone out to explore with my heart open to whatever came my way, I would have missed a great opportunity and a great hair cut.

What are you missing out on by not exploring and not trusting?  Who knows.


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