Propecia to Avodart to Propecia, similar hellish experience? Tips For Healthy Hair

Propecia to Avodart to Propecia, similar hellish experience?  Tips For Healthy Hair

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Propecia to Avodart to Propecia, similar hellish experience?

Started losing the glory back when I was 21 years old. All my half brothers (4 in total) went bald by their 30. Seems like I was destined for a losing battle. But then after getting on the big 3, amazingly, I kept my full head of hair till 2 years ago when I was 28. Out of greed, in order to try to fill in a very small thinning area on my vertex (easily cover with a few sprinkle of toppik), I PERSUADED my dermatologist to prescribe me Avodart.

Everything went downhill from them Jan 2007-May 2007, I lost most of the frontal hair kept by propecia, in a panick I went another DR who suggested I go back on Fin. I did and months through june to Sep 07 were complete hell. I went str8 from a Norwood1/2 to Norwood 3 and a thinning crown. To complicate things, I arranged a hair transplant session for my temple regions 250 FUT in late Sept. Surprisingly, things went on quite ok. Fin seemed to be holding back the loss and the new grafts were growing in. That was from Nov 07 – Apr 08 (though crown and back areas were thinning out)

Here is the most frustrating part – from May 08 onwards, I started shedding very noticeably again in my frontal area, I believe its delayed shock loss and by planting 250 grafts, I lost almost all my hairline/temples. A well known HT doctor in canada estimated I would need 2000 grafts to reestablish my hairline, where of last year I was only needed ‘few hundred’ grafts in the same areas.

Anyway until now, I am still actively shedding, so in 2 years, I went through a roller coaster ride of extreme ups and downs. Currently its all down and Im not even sure if I should be looking forward to anything anymore. I was thinking of castration but i read it wudnt help once the process starts. anyway to think of removing my balls, you could more or less guess what big craps Im feeling inside.

Just to share my ordeal (mostly of waiting, expecting ‘will it grow back?’ it did!, then all lost again, whole cycle repeats) and also to find if anyone had any similar experience of switching from Fin to dut and back to Fin. It doesnt seem to help much for me now, was wondering if its because I alter the DHT level with dut and getting back on fin, the body adjusted a high level dht and so Fin is useless?

Whatever it is, it sucks!! im only 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: sorry for the huge pics, Im clueless with resizing photos.

erm i must be going blind or you are really exaggerating things!

If you made it to 30 with hair when all your brothers went bald, that is pretty good, be glad of that. Besides it is not that bad as you make it out to be.

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