The South Beach Diet Book

The South Beach Diet Book

The South Beach Diet book is what helped to rocket launch the South Beach Diet itself into stardom. The South Beach Diet book managed to stay on multiple best seller lists for years. The book is, of course, the explanations and methodology behind the South Beach Diet. It is in the South Beach Diet book that Dr. Arthur Agatston explains how all of those carbohydrate haters didn’t quite have it right. Carbohydrates can be good for people as long as they eat the right kinds of carbohydrates.

The South Beach Diet book was released in April of 2003. It has been so popular that since the release of the original “how to” South Beach Diet Book was released, there has also been a South Beach Diet Cook Book, the South Beach Diet Good Eat Good Carbs Guide, the South Beach Diet Quick and Easy Cookbook, the South Beach Diet Dining Guide, the South Beach Diet Heart Program book, the South Beach Diet: Parties and Holidays and even a South Beach Diet CD. Apparently, as well as buying these books for themselves, people like to buy the South Beach Diet book and its multiple “spin off” books as gifts for others.

In case you can’t tell, this diet program is kind of popular. It has surpassed Sugar Busters, Atkins and the Zone in terms of popularity.

There are a ton of positive reviews for the South Beach Diet book on as well as other sites. Among the positive reviews that write about how much weight the reviewer has lost, there are also reviews written by diabetics and people who have problems with the way they process insulin or deal with high-glycemic foods.

There are a number of reasons this book could be so popular. Most likely it is popular because instead of banning certain foods or hyping the counting of calories, the South Beach Diet encourages the dieters to eat whatever they want (eventually) but to eat it in smaller portions and to make sure that their meals are balanced.

Here are some background tips about the South Beach Diet:

Tip #1

The South Beach diet is named after the South Beach area of Miami Florida and was developed by Arthur Agatston. Agatston, at the time the South Beach diet was developed, was a cardiologist who believed that people should eat carbs and fats… good carbs and good fats. A cardiologist advocating carbs and fats carries quite a bit of authority in the dieting world.

Tip #2

Kraft Foods conducted a study of the South Beach diet. The study involved sixty nine research subjects who were studied over a three month period of time. The research study backed up the information that was found by Agatston, who did his own study of the effectiveness of the South Beach diet a year prior to the Kraft Foods study. The results of both studies were favorable.

Tip #3

The South Beach diet promotes eating habits that are low in “bad” carbs and “bad” fats. Examples of the good and the bad of each food category can be found in the South Beach diet books.