Organica Stories: Wendy Rose

Organica Stories: Wendy Rose
1. Tell me about your first contact with Costa Rica Health Travel.

My husband looked everywhere on Google Search and found a lot of different sites for plastic surgery. He came across Placid Way and they referred us to a number of clinics around the world. We researched them in-depth and decided upon Costa Rica Health Travel because they had, in our minds, the complete package and all of the credentials.

2. Was it easy to plan your medical tourism program?

After we were in touch with Andres in Costa Rica, it flowed together so easily.

3. Were all of your questions and concerns addressed by your case manager before booking?

Andres was a gem. We had questions everyday before we came down and he promptly gave us our answers with humor and lots of patience. He picked our Doctor, he picked the recovery facility, which was perfect for my healing process, and he transported when we needed it. Andres also negotiated times and prices for us. He made all go smoothly.

4. What happened when you arrived in Costa Rica?

My husband and I came through customs and Andres was waiting for us with a sign and a big smile. He helped collect our bags and took us directly to our new home, Chetica Recovery Ranch. It was late at night, so the next morning we met our nurse and the owners of the ranch. Very friendly and helpful people, especially Francis, our nurse.

5. Who was your doctor and how did he make you feel when you met him?

Our Doctor was Victor Urzola he was very handsome but more important he is an artist. He made us feel comfortable and went over the procedures that he was going to perform. He looked at me like I was a piece of canvas and was already planning out what he was going to do. He created a piece of art on ME! Can you believe fat me is now a piece of art! Wonderful! I love him. He obviously loves his work and it shows.

6. What surgeries did you have?

The first surgery I had was lipo suction, tummy tuck, leg lift and upper buttock lift. Twelve days later I had a breast augmentation and an arm lift. Wow!

7. How was the recovery process?

First surgery, NO PAIN! Can you believe it? NO PAIN! It was difficult to get up but it didn’t even hurt. The scar wraps around to the back and is only a pencil line.

Second surgery. At first I couldn’t move my arms because of stiffness but was able to shortly after (maybe 2/3 days). My breasts felt huge, but now I am used to being a C cup again and I love them. Again NO PAIN but a little more discomfort, but I suppose the surgeries were a little close together. I would do it again in a flash! I had no problems except itchiness while healing. Dr. Urzola is a miracle worker!

8. When were you able to get up and move around?

The next day I was up having a shower and even went over to the dining room to eat and to make phone calls to Canada. After I managed to get out of bed or the chair I was moving slow but fine. NO PAIN!

9. So what is your new size?

Jan 2012 I wore size 24 before Costa Rica I was wearing size 6/8 or small and now I wear size 4 on top/ 0-3 on bottom. Some xs are too big. What a change in 14 months!

10. How was the reaction of loved ones after seeing the results?

I get compliments all the time! Wow, what have you done, you are beautiful! Or where are you, can’t see you!!! You are SO Tiny! My husband’s comments are so pleasing to me BUT they are very personal, although I will share one…you are my LITTLE HOTTIE! I LOVE IT!!!

11. What about friends? What do they say?

Same, but not as personal as my Hubby’s comments which are the most important to me. I love seeing myself in the mirror too, which is a high compliment because before I would only look when I had too. I love the new me!

12. Do you plan to have any more surgeries, or are you done?

It is something I have thought about…

13. What’s your overall impression of Dr. Urzola.

He is a genius! Very skilled with his vision and his scalpel. It is not quite 2 months yet and the scars are so tiny, I don’t expect to even see them by summer. He made me feel that he cares for me as much as he would his Mother. His hugs don’t hurt either. His two assistants, Shirley and Daniela were gems also.

14. What about your case manager?

Without Andres we would not have come. He was very knowledgeable, a true gem. He was like a friend months before we even went to Costa Rica. Andres answered all our questions, arranged Skype interviews with the surgeon and nurses and all with a smile and saying ‘my pleasure’. Having him as a contact made me feel confident all would work out. And it has.

15. What would you tell an anyone who was considering Costa Rica Health Travel?

GO! The case worker, Andres paves the whole way for you. The Doctor is well trained, speaks English and is a miracle worker with his visions and skills. The other patients at the recovery had different surgeries and doctors and had similar experiences. At least the first time you go use a case worker…he lessens all the stress of your questions worries and who to get. Remember I love them both, my Doctor Urzola and my caseworker, Andres.

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