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Posts Tagged ‘Aria Sabit’

Spinal injuries can be caused by several forms of accidents ranging from personal injury, road accidents and many more. It is the main contributor to immobility of most people who have been involved in accidents. Being one of the sensitive parts of the body it is normally at high risk of being damaged in any accident scene. It is due to this reason that paramedics and other medicals staffs advocate that an injured person should not be touched in the eventuality of an accident.

The person should remain untouched until the recovery team arrives. They have the right medical equipment that are fastened on the body to prevent further damage to the spine (in case it has injuries). There are patients who have suffered from this medical condition due to mishandling after an injury. So next time someone get injured near you let the medics come and handle him to avoid secondary injuries that could directly affect the spinal code. Do not send one to permanent disability with a single wrong touch.

Restoring the spinal cord back to its original state for it to function properly requires a medical procedure that should be conducted by an experienced medical practitioner. Aria Sabit is one of the well-known surgeons who have assisted many patients regain back their mobility after a long period of time. The state and nature of the injury however contributes to the type of treatments that is prescribed. Some are easily corrected by a single surgical procedure while others involve a series of operations in order to repair or correct the damaged sections. At times some only require constant medication in order to bring restoration. Read the rest of this entry »

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