So no more fin and maybe also minoxidil , I’m screwed . Tips For Healthy Hair

So no more fin and maybe also minoxidil , I’m screwed .  Tips For Healthy Hair

So no more fin and maybe also minoxidil , I’m screwed .

Okay so I lived more than a year with a ****ed up brain without really noticing that it was caused by finasteride as the effects took time to manifest themselves .

After stopping it , my mood got amazingly better and brain fog started to go away and also sexual pleasure was much better (however I’ve neever had problems whatsoever getting it up )

So I really got the feeling that I’m screwed , cause minoxidil is causing big dark cricles under my eyes , so I’m thinking of stopping that too .

I am restarting topical spiro and considering some alternatives , please tell me what you think before I order a freakin wig .

- Liposomal/nanosomal minoxidil . Does it target better the hair follicles ? Thus less product going where it souldn’ t ?

- Topical finasteride , is it worth it ?

- I do not trust the safety of ru58841 I think that if it was safe it would have it the market already .

- What’s going on with cb 03 01 ? I don’t see threads about the order anymore .

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