The Most Basic Exercises For Beginners

The Most Basic Exercises For Beginners

Enough beginners are wandering around the net and seeking a variety of programs, after these same programs are restated in the forum, corrected , explain , etc. ….

This program should begin to work every beginner:

  • Lat pull down 3 * 10-12
  • Bench press 3 * 10-12
  • Shoulder back press 2 * 10-12
  • Triceps extension 2 * 10-12
  • Barbell curls 2 * 10-12
  • Squat 3 * 10-12
  • Leg raises 3 * 10-12.

These are the most basic exercises, later your experience grows and your body is developing, exercises can be changed according to your needs.

Pause: 60-120s

Training frequency: once in three days

Speed ​​repetitions: maximum, and that doing so does not violate the form of conducting the exercises.

Moving to increase weight with which you can perform 12 repetitions , of course you will not be able to do 12 in all series, your goal is in all three series to do 12th. When you succeed increase weight, and again from the beginning.

Before each exercise warming up doing with some weight about 50% of the weight you will use in working series, the number of repetitions 12-15.

Strongly advisable that before training do general warming.

After three weeks, increase the break on 180s, so three weeks and over again, only this time break of 60 s, and then in a circle as long as there are results.

Why exactly this program:

Because it is simple

Because you have enough time to rest

Because the 10-12 reps, which comprises the weights that are not too big for beginners. so that will be harder to come by injury.

Because one beginner need to work on basic rather than insulating the exercises.

Because you will gain a good impression of how certain exercises of you guessed it, and whether it is at all useful for you?

Because the fastest way to master the technique of conducting the exercises.

Because there are thousands more .

This is a training program for beginners, at least 90% of exercisers should return to this kind of training because even though the training for who knows how many years those have no experience.