What Blood Type is The Rarest?

What Blood Type is The Rarest?

Question: What blood type is the rarest?


It might be a common question for us as ordinary people. Blood is an important element in our body. There are three elements in blood that are very important. They are red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Each of them has their own function. The red blood cells deliver oxygen to the tissues and organs. The white blood cells have a job to fight the infection which wants to attack our body. Platelets help blood to clot. All those elements work together to make our body is healthy.

Knowing about what blood type is the rarest can be so useful for us. Although the basic element of blood is same, there some differences in blood. There are four types of blood. They are type blood A, B, AB and O. The rarest blood is type blood AB Rh negative. According to a study it is only 0.8 % of population in the world.

Therefore if we have type blood AB Rh negative it will be difficult for us if we want to find a blood donor. From four types of blood only type blood O that can give blood to all blood types. Type blood O contains both A and B antibody in the plasma but it does not have both A and B antigen on red cells.

Knowing about our blood type is important because it makes us easier to find blood donor if someday we need blood transfusion. Finding a match blood type is important to avoid the bad effect from the blood transfusion. Therefore we have to be careful in finding blood donor for us or our family. Awareness is very important in every step that we take. What blood type is the rarest will be not a question anymore if we have read the explanation above.