What can academic researchers do?

What can academic researchers do?
What can academic researchers do?

Over the course of the last month, you’ve read quite a bit about the unfortunate circumstances surrounding our current academic research system. You’ve been reminded of the dire situation most academic researchers face in today’s hard economy. It hasn’t been a pretty ride.

There are the budget cuts, severely damaging the funds available to research universities nationwide. Budget cuts that not only leave less money to allocate to research departments for equipment and technology, but less money to pay for the scholars themselves.

There is the declining job market. Fewer research positions are available in academia, forcing the massive influx of postdoctoral graduates to fight for a small supply of adjunct positions or settle outside of academia.

There is the competition, driving other job markets through the roof. It’s difficult inside or outside of the research world for postdocs with a decade of school to find a fitting, satisfying career.

There is the decline in presumed research quality. With so much pressure to publish for such a small supply of jobs, researchers are rehashing old work and struggling to find something genuinely unique their competition hasn’t already thought of first.

There are the issues surrounding personal and departmental reputation. Both the individual researcher and the school he studies under suffer due to a decreased research expenditure and increased repetitious research.

So–what can researchers do? Join us to find out.


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